Our Most Recent Updates:


The Lunch Crisis Organization operates on a basis of three main objectives: raising money towards erasing students’ lunch debt, raising awareness bout lunch shaming, and bringing change to the public school lunch system.


Dollars Raised: Through our local fundraisers, we have raised over $13,000.00 to donate to public school districts to cover overdue balances for low income families.



FAMILIES IMPACTED: Our partnership with various public school district in New Jersey allowed us to have an impact on over 152 families.



THOUSAND children Impacted: Over 76% of America's school districts have students with school lunch debt. Our program is gradually making progress of having an impact of thousands of children nationwide.


Our Impact


The Lunch Crisis organization has been able to raise over $13,000. Hundreds of families benefited and hundreds of children had their lunch debts erased with this money. To bring more permanent change to the public school lunch system, we have been working on co-authoring a bill that will change the lunch system in New Jersey. Assemblywoman DeCroce and the founder of Lunch Crisis, Keertana Talla, plan to present the bill to the New Jersey Assembly early next year. The bill will consist of acts to outlaw lunch shaming and ensure that federal meal assistance is an easier process. New Mexico’s Hunger-Free Students’ Bill of Rights outlaws lunch shaming and directs schools to work with parents to pay their debts or to sign up for federal meal assistance. The Lunch Crisis Organization has publicizing this organization to several different groups of different ages and who live in different neighborhoods, therefore reaching an unprecedented number of people to spread this message to. Additionally, to further the number of people we can positively impact, we are in the process of creating chapters of the Lunch Crisis Organization in several different schools. By bringing this organization to other schools, more students will learn about this issue and consequently the impact we can achieve will be greater.

Get Involved


You can spread the word about this issue because raising awareness speeds up the process of affecting real and substantive change. You can also make your voice count by contacting your school’s policy makers to effect lasting change.


Create a Lunch Crisis Organization chapter in your own school. Students will be able to learn about this issue and consequently the impact we can achieve will be greater.


Every dollar that contributed towards erasing students’ can improve a student’s school experience, and maybe even life.